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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lady luck smiles down on the Imps again.

You could say it’s a never say die attitude, fitness, singlemindedness but to not only rescue a game in the last few moments of a match once but then do it all over again in the space of a bank holiday weekend must mean whatever demons we may have imagined responsible for our woes over the years have been well and truly exorcised.

Having said that the penalty most certainly was a penalty (as was Gateshead’s) and you’ve got to say Arnold’s strike was pretty special and you do make your own luck, harder you work etc etc.

So after a long weekend where City could have got nothing and most certainly would have got nothing in seasons past we find ourselves just needing a point by my calculations providing Tranmere don’t win twice and get a considerable number of goals in a short space of time which we know they are capable of. A win will secure the championship and the Holy Grail.

We go on to Saturdays game at Sincil Bank against Macclesfield and I hope I don’t have to sit through another ninety minutes of tedium although I will as you will if we get the points needed. Surely after three poor performances we’re due some excitement although of course there is another possibility for the match which we won’t go into.

I’m not sure what the powers that be have in mind for Saturday. One would hope the trophy would be available at Sincil Bank should the Imps get across the line, after all the Imps are the only team that could win it at that time and it would be a shame to be crowned as champions and not have a coronation but we don’t know how the league will want to do it.

I just hope our players get firmly out of their heads the mentality that caused them to stutter through the last three games and show to the watching public, both on TV and those at the game who are not regulars that they are the fine, capable and talented group of professionals that we know they are.

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