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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

These are a few of my favourite things.

So, we’ve kicked the last ball, had the trophy presentation, had the open top bus parade. Time to relax and gather our thoughts before it all starts again.

To start, one or two plaudits, some of which you’ve heard before. I don’t think it would be right not to mention a man I believe prepared the ground for all that has gone on this season, Chris Moyses. I spotted Moyses at a couple of games latterly, I’d like to see him re-join the board. The experience gained from managing the team will be expertise the board could do with.

Next up, we have to thank Clive Nates for choosing us, for so long the ugly ducklings looking on enviously whilst other clubs attracted a benefactor. It’s not just the money it’s his financial and business acumen that is driving the club forward off the field of play. I think we are in really good hands. They say that two things are certain in life, death and taxes. We have to include our managers going on to bigger and better things. I don’t believe that will happen soon but when it does I believe we’ll be prepared.

Finally, Bob Dorrian. I saw him smile on more than one occasion! He deserves it. Bob, you are just as much a part of the success, you kept us going through the dark times. Enjoy your club from now on.

Now to the highlights of the season. The first and only easy win for City came at the beginning as the Imps coasted past North Ferriby. It was the first sign that this might be a special season.

Next came Torquay away. A televised game. This was to become the norm but it was very much a novelty as was the late late show which saw City grab all the points with a last minute smash and grab. Danny Cowley had said City would be stronger as games went on. How right he was.

Next, Wrexham, home. City on the ropes as Alan Power is sent off. With ages to go the Imps dug in and took the points. What a performance!

Then right up to date with two astonishing comebacks as the Imps were down and out not once but twice as they turned certain defeats into victories against Torquay at home and Gateshead away. We then knew the Gods were with us.

In between the league campaign we had the totally unaccustomed pleasure of not just a cup run but one that took us all the way to the quarter final of the F A Cup not to mention the semis of the Trophy. Particular highlights for me were Ipswich away, what nice people and Arsenal who treated us as equals and gave us a memorable day out despite the result. Even the referee was on our side as he brought proceeds to a halt right on ninety minutes. If I lean towards any premiership side it would be Spurs but Arsenal went right up in my estimation after that.

As to players I have to say Matt Rhead lit up my season, I’m so glad he stayed with us. Also I really enjoyed watching Sam Habergham, all the defence to be honest and Terry Hawkridge but the man I voted for in the player of the season was Alex Woodyard. What a privilege it has been to watch him perform.

Finally, the Cowleys. I think back to the day they were appointed, to their encouraging start and their polished PR that gave us hope that finally, after all these years it could be our turn. Whatever you may say about luck, whether our cheeky Imp might not be such a good talisman, lady luck is with us. The managers will say, with justification that hard work brings luck, as indeed it does. I bless the day the Cowleys walked through our door.

Have a great summer. Buy a season ticket and a few bits from the club shop. Up The Imps!

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