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Friday, 28 July 2017

A fine servant to the club.

If, like me you’re not a big fan of pre-season friendlies Saturday presents an opportunity to see a game that’s more than meaningless and at the same time pay due respect to a player that has done us proud over the years, Lee Beevers.

That’s what I’ll be doing and I hope plenty of others will too because Beevers deserves to know he is still in our hearts and minds. It’s quite apparent from his demeanour that Lincoln City out of all the clubs Beevers has represented is the one that he regards as home. He has been ever present at matches despite the terrible injury he sustained playing for the Imps, popping up on TV and showing support to his team mates despite his incapacity.

Lee Beevers future is to say the least precarious. The club have done right by him, in my view but there will come a time in the not too distant future when he will be as fit as he’ll ever be and will need to take the next step in his career. I can’t see that being a player for the Imps. Maybe he’ll not even be able to play at all at professional level. I’m crossing my fingers I’m too pessimistic.

I know a few ex footballers and they always seem to make a living out of football one way or another so things could be worse but there must be uncertainty in his mind. Saturday’s game will not present Lee with a life changing cash amount. That’s not the idea I’m sure although the player seems grateful enough for the clubs gesture. It’s more about recognising the commitment Lee has demonstrated, week after week and his continued association with the club during his injury lay off.

I think, as fans, we could be turning up to what may well be an interesting afternoon of football not to mention (for us oldies) the chance to give Walsall’s manager, Jon Whitney, a former Imp, a good reception. He could do with one, his own fans have fallen out with him. It would be time well spent as it’s the last game before the league starts and a chance to see the new look side . The fact that we will pay tribute to Lee Beevers makes it unmissable in my view.

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