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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Lincoln City close the door on pre season preparations.

I’ve got to say it was a pretty poor turnout for the friendly against Walsall which doubled as Lee Beevers testimonial. I suppose this was not your traditional benefit game, Beevers had not completed ten years service and the opposition was selected to give the Imps a good pre season workout not provide a seat selling opposition to see off one of the crowds favourites but even so I thought more Imps would turn up.

Having said that Walsall provided a good test for the new look Imps squad and I found it a most enjoyable afternoon trying to work out who would be in the starting line up at Wycombe next Saturday. Several players took the eye starting with the jewel in the crown I suppose, Michael Bostwick and of course our own diamond, Alex Woodyard. These two will have League Two midfielders waking up in a cold sweat I predict, that is once they’ve untied themselves from the granny knot they’ve been laced up in. Bostwick is the sort of player fans instantly warm to and we know all about Woodyard who showed his class when required to shepherd away from danger a Walsall player who was threatening to break free. Woodyard ushered him straight down a cul-de-sac that he was never getting out of.

Anderson looked very lively I thought as did Knott and Ginnelly is going to have us purring this winter I’m sure. I’m not so certain of where the goals are going to come from but by the same token I don’t think Danny Cowley has given up on further signings and of course he has until the end of August I think to add to the roster. That also means predatory forces have till then to sign our players but I didn’t get the impression Sean Raggett had his mind on other things.

I did like the look of Palmer but I got the impression there was a lack of connection with the rest of the team in his case. I suspect Cowley has some unfinished business in that area of the team but when he came on Matt Rhead looked a fine figure of a man, in great shape and what I really like about him is that very little is wasted about his play. His headers find a man as do his flicks and tricks and I’m sure those who thought he may flounder in League Two are going to have to eat their words. I don’t expect to see quite so much of him (no pun intended) but as ever those appearances he does make will, I’m sure be a masterclass in economy of movement and efficiency. Underestimate Rhead at your peril.

All in all then an interesting and pleasurable afternoon at Sincil Bank. I usually feel at this time of year that football has come round again rather too soon. Not this year, I can’t wait.

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