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Friday, 4 August 2017

Back for good.

Not long to wait now For us Lincoln City fans and it’s good to see last season’s enthusiasm is undiminished as City head for Wycombe Wanderers backed by a healthy following of away fans. It could even be a sell-out according to the Chairboys website.

It’s interesting to see how matters have progressed in the league since we left it, certainly it feels like we’re back in the big time, when compared to last season. One thing I noticed last Saturday was the posh subs/time added boards that I was delighted to see are two sided so you can see who’s coming off as soon as the board goes up.

The new ticketing arrangement is not a direct consequence of promotion but we seem to have moved to a system where you don’t seem to be able to buy an advance ticket through the club. Presumably if you can it all goes through Eventbrite and I notice a ticket to the Morecambe game appeared on my phone through the Eventbrite app. Either this is the way it’s going to be for season ticket holders or the promised credit card type tickets are not going to be available yet. We’ll get used to it.

Having said that you do wonder if this progress is going to be a bit much for elderly supporters who might just give up as they’re not part of the brave new computer world we’ve moved to. As far as some fans are concerned you turn up on a Saturday with your cash and in you go. I hope those days aren’t gone but it’s quite plain if you want to get a decent view from either side you probably need to buy in advance.

The new improved website seems to be ok so long as you fork out for a season pass to get you into the premium areas. If you don’t there’s very little on it to enthuse. I signed up for the free version which doesn’t seem to offer a lot.

The camera position has moved to the Coop stand, displacing a good few seats and there’s general feeling that we’ve moved upmarket. I’m expecting a considerable improvement in football standard and judging by the teams approach in the Walsall game so are the management. Let’s hope there’s a corresponding improvement in refereeing. We don’t want too much do we?

As to City’s prospects Danny Cowley has been playing these down. Personally having seen the standard last Saturday, taking in to account the calibre of signings the Imps have made, the season tickets sold and the continuation of interest in the club I’m optimistic. A top half finish would be considered a good performance over the season but I really do think City are capable of taking League Two by the scruff of the neck.

Certainly the Imps are some way behind some clubs in terms of financial clout, facilities and infrastructure but in football momentum is everything and City have it.

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