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Friday, 18 August 2017

Business as usual.

At the time of writing the Sean Raggett saga rumbles on but we do know he will not travel with the team today in preparation for the game v Exeter tomorrow, so somethings in the wind. The latest rumour is that it’s Norwich City he’s going to with the strong possibility Raggett will stay on at City on loan. Probably this explains the relatively low figure of £250,000 that has been mentioned although this was stated to be an initial payment.

Whatever happens you’ve got to say Raggett has displayed the utmost professionalism in his behaviour, turning out for the Imps even though we’re told he was advised not to and not just playing but getting better and better. One things for sure whoever signs him is going to get a player well capable of making the step up. A further period at Lincoln could even mean, if it is the Canaries the player could be ready for the Championship in a few months’ time and a fine player he’ll make I’m sure.

One criticism we had of Raggetts game last season was in his progression out of defence. We wanted him to pass the ball out not bring it out as he wasn’t terribly good at it. Raggett looks every inch the ball playing centre half now as he confidently strolls out of defence and delivers a telling ball up the field. Almost Beckenbauer like I’d venture.

One door closes, or is about to close and there will be opportunity for others although I was a bit surprised that Howe has once again gone out on loan. Was he that far from a place? The manager knows best of course.

Talking about the manager do I detect a bit of frustration about the training ground? I thought we were expecting to be in it and up and running if you’ll forgive the pun, by Christmas. We’re going to have to get our skates on. It’s Danny Cowleys pet project and it motivates him far more than money. l do hope we’ll hear something about that soon.

Oh and there’s a game tomorrow. After the week we’ve had it’s sometimes easy to forget that.

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