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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Imps on the road to success.

I had a feeling City might do something at Stevenage despite the Boro’s lofty position. The Imps had to shake off an iffy start and going behind but, listening to the commentary on BBC Radio Lincolnshire I got the impression Michael Hortin and Thommo thought something was on for our heroes but it was an unlikely series of events that led to the win, City getting the winner whilst a man short.

It’s been reported elsewhere and in this blog that League Two is a much tougher proposition than we’d assumed but the Imps seem to have got to the standard required a few weeks into the new season so we can only hope they continue the improvement. The manager has said would like to see the club in a reasonable position come Christmas and can then push on in the quest for further success.

I think another consideration though is that City have played some likely contenders so far, it’s not difficult to imagine the likes of Exeter, Luton and Wycombe for that matter doing well this season so perhaps it’s been a bit of a baptism of fire that has seen the Imps struggle for consistency in the first few weeks.

We now face two games against teams who have an approach to business in a different way to City if I can put it that way, Forest Green Rovers and Mansfield Town whose method is to throw as much money as possible at the quest for glory in contrast to City’s more organic methods which is of course is the only option as we don’t have a chairman with almost limitless funds.

I’m probably as critical of these new money clubs (not that you can accuse Mansfield of lack of history) as anyone although in FGR’s case as far as I’m aware the chairman’s money was honestly earned and Mansfield too and they’re entitled to spend it as they wish. You look at clubs like Rushden and Diamonds though and I think that's a salutary lesson in not trying to run before you can walk. Goodness knows it’s been a struggle for Lincoln City over the years so I don’t think anyone can argue we are undeserving and I think our board, even if we may get a bit impatient at times, has a mind to secure lasting improvement in Lincoln City’s status.

A look at the history of Lincoln City is difficult reading and it’s been a case of survival rather that scaling the heights but you never know, with all the stars in the correct alignment as they seem to be at the moment, complete cohesion between directors and supporters and boundless enthusiasm for attending games maybe now is our time, even if we don’t behave like lottery winners.

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