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Friday, 6 October 2017

Imps not taking anything for granted.

I used to dread reading any of Bob Dorrians pronouncements and I’d imagine the thought of having to say something meaningful to the press didn’t exactly fill City’s chairman with glee either. That was then of course and now Bob doesn’t have to do a lot of talking as there are several in the club who do it for him. The players speak for themselves with their performances too. There can’t be too many unhappy fans about either unless you count those who can’t get a seat for a game. Even there the club are being as inventive as they can to maximise revenue and opportunity to spectate.

What’s prompted these observations is an article in Thursdays Echo and a subsequent tweet by a prominent fan and fundraiser saying even now some of us are wondering when we’re going to wake up, or words to that effect. Cap’n Bob was waxing lyrical on the reaction of the fans to the current success story at Sincil Bank and it’s certainly remarkable that the supporters have returned to the fold and embraced their club in the numbers they have.

The club, in turn have really upped their game in my view and the latest addition to the clubs profile is the new fan zone which I’m very much looking forward to seeing on Saturday. I’ve said several times before so I’ll not labour the point, the Sincil Bank experience is now a world away from where it has been for the last few seasons as well it might be. As was also pointed out by Dorrian, the league has moved on apace since we left it so much so that it’s almost unrecognisable from the one we left, so we did need to see a reaction to that.

What heartens me is that the board are not simply basking in our new found status. I get the feeling that the business brains amongst the directors are really enjoying plotting a course for the club that will not only minimise the danger of slipping back again but to possibly move further up from the position the club is now enjoying. This is essential, in the short term from the viewpoint of retaining the present management team, who will want to be constantly reminded that the club is still moving forward but, as we all know they will eventually depart and the higher up the pyramid we are and the more fit for purpose the club are perceived to be once we do have to look at attracting the right person to continue the development, the better.

I’ve said before, given that the stadium is more or less operating at capacity I’d really like to hear of some progress on the training ground and that the club are driving the quest for a new stadium. If anyone was unconvinced of the need for that they’ve surely now realised that is an untenable position. What a conundrum for the club to have!

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