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Monday, 27 November 2017

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I didn’t go to Saturday’s game as I had a prior engagement. You might know it would turn out to be a win although, as has been the case a lot this season a game of two halves. This either means City don’t have it in them to perform for ninety plus minutes or, as many fans are saying, it emphasises Danny Cowleys powers of persuasion.

However fans saw some good football although I did wonder at the stickability of some of our newly acquired supporters, two thousand of whom deserted Sincil Bank from the previous Saturday with various reasons for doing so. Coventry City are certainly the glamour club of the division this year and two defeats can dampen enthusiasm but if you’re going to not go after a couple of defeats you’re going to miss some good games. It was cold too. I’ll not comment on that except to say if you’re going to stay indoors till May maybe you need a better coat or perhaps some of those hand warmer thingies?

Saturday produced two very welcome developments. Matt Green scored and a very fine header it was, I wish I’d been there to share his joy and Luke Waterfall played. I wish I’d seen that too.

Unlike last year we’re back to the traditional Lincoln City experience in the cup so it’s the second round and we're not in it.

The manager has decreed a day off for all concerned so it’s Christmas shopping for me and maybe you too unless you need some new winter clothing?

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