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Monday, 20 November 2017

Imps 1 Cry Babies 2

They may not be famous any more but my goodness me it was just like watching the Premier League on the telly as Coventry City writhed and collapsed on the floor, usually in an attempt to break up the play when Lincoln had it. Ably assisted by an awestruck referee who thought everything Coventry did must be ok because, well, they used to be famous.

Not that Coventry needed any help as they were, by some distance, the best side we have seen at Sincil Bank this season. I’d be very surprised if they’re not in League One next year, they were excellent, as were City in parts but unfortunately not quite enough.

Yet when the Imps took the lead through Matt Rhead, who was majestic, we dared to believe that something was on. The crowd, already at least League One standard sensed it too and the noise was terrific. It’s tempting to say a good advert for the level of football except it would be a bit like putting a Grand Prix on the TV and saying come to Cadwell Park. It was well above the likes of FGR and Accrington who I note couldn’t even scrape 2000 to see a side third in the table.

Still good crowds don’t win leagues, good and compelling football does which is why Coventry will probably win the league and City may be a good bet for the playoffs.

I’d settle for that.

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