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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

That’s just the way it is.

Danny Cowley responded to criticism on social media, which he admitted he hadn’t seen for himself with a statistic that showed City were the second best performing after Sheffield United, of the promoted clubs. He needn’t have bothered for my sake, I’m perfectly happy.

Maybe I’m a bit sheltered from the pundits in the crowd, I don’t hear any of this griping I keep reading about in my seat in the old folks h…. sorry, Selenity Stand. Strangely this would, at one time been the go to area for moaners and groaners but honestly I don’t pick up anything other than the odd gripe about a chance missed or a clearance ballooned.

Well, there you go football is all about opinions and you can tell what most people think by the size of the crowd. I also see, I don’t know by what criteria this one is based on, we are the best atmosphere in all the leagues, beating Anfield and St James’ Park and the third highest fourth tier average gate in Europe. I suppose that one can be verified although 9500 admittedly highly charged fans at a great game beating the Geordies for passion? Maybe we do, I think we’re all still pinching ourselves at the revolution we’re experiencing.

I’ve never been to Colchester and I’m not going tonight but it’s one of those places that’s not a million miles away but feels like it when you’re driving there I’d imagine. Those that do go will deserve our admiration as true fans and I’m sure the players appreciate them. Plenty will go though and Danny needs to look at the dedication of those supporters to appreciate the true feelings of Imps, not those who hide away on the net voicing their “concerns”. They may not even be City fans in any event.

Tonight will present a rather truer picture of where we are at than Saturday, the two clubs are quite evenly matched in the league. It’s a difficult place to go but as we are finding out, where isn’t?

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