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Friday, 15 December 2017

City hoping for a repeat prescription.

I know many of you will not have seen Accrington Stanley this season but I have and I can tell you they’re decent.

I can also tell you that if part two of the Stanley series is anything like part one we might be in for a treat tomorrow.

Just because City emerged triumphant in the Trophy it doesn’t mean they will do so again but I’m confident they will and I’m hoping for more of the entertainment we enjoyed last time out. City are of course on the back of that marvellous win at Yeovil. My own experience there was way back in Keith Alexanders time, come to think it could have been the Imps last outing there but it did not endure long in the memory. What I do remember is I did twelve away games that season and I don’t think I saw more than a draw. This from a team known for their exploits away.

These days of course City are very much a force at home which must be in no small part to the supporters who are expected to attend in numbers again despite the unappealing weather and other matters pressing on fans time. The Cowley effect meaning most fans do not wish to miss a home game.

You can almost imagine Danny or Nicky materialising behind the perfume counter at Debenhams to lead us back by the ear to Sincil Bank with an admonishing “they’re open on Sunday you know”

Not that we would dare to miss would we?

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