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Friday, 2 February 2018

Another big game coming up. Been there done that.

There was a time as I was chatting to my football mad Boston United friend I remember saying every game for City seemed a big one. That was back in the playoff years.

Then came the slump but games were still important as we all fervently hoped (without much conviction) that we would get back in the league. Even so the atmosphere was flat and excitement limited. It was hope over expectation. I also felt, wrongly I think that the club were trying to prepare us for a non-league future.

I’m confident that wasn’t the way it was and now it’s anything but if the letter I received from that nice Mr Dorrian, inviting me to the club AGM is anything to go by. I liked the tone of the letter as it was almost one fan to another, just that some fans have more onerous responsibilities.

The letter went into some detail about the training ground in particular and other matters that I thought I ought to keep to myself but it’s now in the Echo and out in the open. In particular, all should be revealed soon as to the nature and positioning of the new facility. Its cost can be confirmed though, £1 million plus. Phew! I keep banging on about City’s ambitions and horizons on something of an upward trajectory, there’s your proof.

So we come to the visit of Swindon Town tomorrow and another massive test for the Imps and for our lungs. If you like your football in less fervent and more homely surroundings that equally nice Mr Bradley will be pleased to welcome you to Lincoln United. I’ve no evidence to support that, it may be a hotbed for all I know and I certainly wish the Whites all the best. I know they would like to see some of us at Ashby Avenue but I digress, tomorrow will be another huge game, the sternest test of both the team and ourselves as supporters.

Although I may not have realised it was going to happen at the time these moments, these games, these attendances, this excitement was the stuff of my dreams all those fallow years. I’m sure you’re the same.

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