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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Window of opportunity.

When I first started writing and doing my apprenticeship (I wish) I wrote a headline that I thought was a real belter. It was so good I can’t remember what it was but I do remember what the sub editor altered it to, it was “The Life and Times of a Lincoln City fan”

This somehow came to mind as we were all absorbed by the final day of the transfer window, confidently hoping for and expecting to hear of a striker being signed. I was expecting back up, someone to keep the main two on their toes. I’d imagined we wouldn’t hear anything until ten and by twenty to eleven I was pretty sure no announcement would be made. That assumption was correct as it turns out.

This situation has got the fans talking but, disappointed as we are I don’t suppose it matches the dismay of the management who have repeatedly said they would like a fourth striker on the roster. For all we know that may be the case. Nothing the Cowleys do is by chance, there’s always a plan B.

In other news we signed a back up keeper. The fact that Josh Vickers is likely to be out for some time had eluded me. Other than that, in the cold light of day I don’t see how we can regard the signings made, in terms of quality or quantity as anything other than a very strong signal of intent by a club determined to make the most of the remaining season.

I just want to comment on the Ricky Miller situation. I don’t think a club like ours could afford to take the risk of signing this player, both in terms of his temperament and likely success or otherwise in league two. I know Danny Cowley is a fan but I struggle to see how he would have fitted in although I’ve heard it said that Cowley believes one maverick can be accommodated.

Miller will either sink or swim, it’s not our concern. Personally I don’t think we’re big enough to sign a player who could light up the season or bring it crashing down. Peterborough thought they were then thought otherwise and if Miller is not suitable for Posh then, with our ambition, he’s not suitable for us.

Let’s now enjoy and embrace the remainder of the season. As far as I’m concerned I can’t wait.

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