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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Old demons return to haunt City.

They’re not slow on the uptake in league two. They know Paul Farman is not the number one keeper anymore. They know why too. He’s suspect on long range shots. So they instruct their forwards, have a go from distance. It doesn’t help when the defence rather leave him to it instead of trying to snuff out the danger so I’m not going to get too carried away on the blame game. I’ve seen Farman save far more points than he’s lost.

Nevertheless when a keeper makes mistakes the team usually pays. Add to the mix the fact that no one seemed particularly on their game and that includes, am I allowed to say this? The management. So as the game reached it’s deafening crescendo and City somehow forced the ball over the line in such scenes that no one was particularly certain who scored including the scorer in the end everyone was pleased with the point, well I was that’s for sure.

Yet another here to see me “performance” from a referee who seemed to be making it up as he went along, a bobbly pitch, a team who are fantastic away and another equally at home, er at home and I suppose this match had draw written all over it although it didn’t seem that way until virtually the last kick of the game.

Alex Woodyard went into the book more or less straight from the kick off consigning him to an almost unheard of early bath. The starting formation didn’t work for me but as I’ve said on many occasions what do I know? Even Neal Eardley had a so so game, another collectors item. It was a bad day at the office. But was it though? You’ve got to admire the sheer bloody mindedness of a team that simply refuse to lie down and you’ve got to hand it to a crowd that absolutely stood shoulder to shoulder with their heroes and produced such a racket that no team would dare to fail or fail to be inspired.

It was monumentally entertaining; the only thing preventing a full house was the unbelievably poor away following for a side that give their fans such joy on the road. What more do their supporters want? Those that were behind the goal gave good backing but, as is usually the case these days their efforts went virtually unheard.

Did I say bad day at the office? Maybe at the end of the season it may be seen as a very good point, a very good one indeed.

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