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Friday, 16 February 2018

Imps enthusiasm extends to the fans forum.

Lincoln City held their AGM last night. This is normally followed by a shareholders question and answer session but this year we had a full blown fans forum which was I suppose predictably a full house. I don’t think it would be right to divulge the matters discussed between board and shareholders but within the resolutions to be debated were some clues as to the hoped for direction of the club and that was very much onwards and upwards.

The fans forum was well publicised but I must admit I’m baffled that some supporters still believe Sincil Bank could be made fit for purpose in this modern age, I thought the case had been made for a move long ago. When we heard that with the increased attendances the stadium cannot even get enough water pressure to flush the toilets then I think we know it’s time to go. The fact that we now face several years of cramming in to the old stadium it’s plain to me that this is holding us back and as far as I’m concerned the move can’t come soon enough but wait we must.

One thing I would agree with, Sincil Bank is a far better place full than with us all rattling about in the wide open spaces of a couple of years ago but as I keep saying the club must match the ambition of the managers if they are to stay, so for me it’s a no brainer.

Back to footballing matters and it’s Crawley this weekend. It’ll be tough I’m sure but we can guess what the Cowley brothers solution would be to when the going gets tough don’t we?

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