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Friday, 9 February 2018

The life and times of a Lincoln City fan.

Well it seemed to fit the bill. It’s been another hectic week with the excitement and joy of reaching Wembley, more of the same speculation as another managerial seat became vacant and City playing tonight, much to Danny Cowleys disgust.

That’s probably so much psychology to be honest, City will be as well prepared as they ever are tonight and again on Tuesday.

A couple of things to consider given that you can read about the Imps preparation and the likelihood of a result elsewhere. Hysteria whenever a manager’s job comes available is not going to go away so we’d better get used to it. I don’t know what more Danny Cowley can say to reassure us but I still get a thud in the pit of my stomach when it all starts again. I’m pretty sure how the Cowleys departure will pan out and I’ve spelt it out before so I won’t bore you with it now but I just don’t think it will be a hurried mid-season thing.

It won’t be to the likes of Barnsley either and that isn’t intended to be any kind of dis-respect but when you think about it, what challenges would that role bring?

The other thing that has got me thinking is the goalkeeper’s position tonight and going forward. I think and almost hope I’m wrong but maybe Paul Farman’s time at the Imps is coming to a close which would be a shame but the manager is paid to make difficult decisions and he made one the other night so certainly isn’t afraid to do it.

We owe Farman a lot and I love him to bits but, for me he doesn’t display that calm assurance behind the defence that we need. I’d back Paul Farman to get somewhere near one out of five penalties but Ryan Allsop not only got near but saved one and put in an assured performance. I think he came to City to play and play he will. It’s a cruel world, football but those in it understand that.

So to Cambridge tonight and City backed as ever by a considerable force of numbers.

It’s quite remarkable really.

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