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Friday, 11 May 2018

One Love. Let’s get together and feel alright.

I don’t know whether music is inspiring my Imps writing at the moment or the Imps are inspiring my interest in music but one thing you hear over and over is the fans are encouraging the players to deliver. Probably over deliver. Danny Cowley says the Imps are ahead of the curve. That may be so much kidology. I distinctly heard Cowley say getting promoted from league two would be easier than from non-league. What he didn’t necessarily infer is that it would be back to back promotions which is probably what my fevered imagination took it as.

Much speculation as to the Imps wealth or lack thereof at the moment with City being anxious not to appear awash with cash. Of course historically we are but it’s not all about the playing budget, there’s the training facility and, is it my imagination or do City stay over on the Friday rather more than they did? Why not would be my reaction both from the viewpoint of being better prepared and also, given that the club seem to be able to train at some impressive and exotic facilities it’s an extra fillip for the team. An example of that would be the Checktrade Final. City trained at Arsenal, Shrewsbury at Brentford. Swanky or what? As Lincoln City players I’m pleased they have these occasional professional treats and I hope they see it as one of the bonuses of being an Imps player.

So we come to the thing money can’t buy. Us. We certainly can’t say we’re unappreciated, we’re praised by players and management and even the opposition so we must be doing something right. The thing we do well, I think is unconditional support. The prime example of that would be the Crewe debacle. This is a source of some embarrassment with the players and managers but even so the players know as long as they try they will receive only support. There have been bad performances though. I’ve been taken to task for describing a display as abject but I write what I feel at the time. Last weekend the first half was getting that way although the second half was better. Any more of that kick and rush and we’re out in my view but I can’t believe we’ll see a performance like that again. I said last week I didn’t think nerves would play that much of a part but I’ve never seen the team look so anxious.

My thought last week was that City are seasoned big game performers. Every game at Sincil Bank is a big game, they’ve played at Wembley in front of over forty thousand. I thought they would be experienced enough to rise above the jitters. It didn’t pan out that way but I’m sure tomorrow will be different. If not, we’re in for a long afternoon.

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