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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Not too tense did I say? Have my teeth stopped chattering?

If I’m honest I expected City to win the last game of the season at a canter. Three, four goals maybe. In the end had it been a horse race Danny Cowley might have got a fine for using too much of the whip. Yeovil clearly hadn’t read the script and neither had City. It was easy to see the plan, blitz the Glovers and maybe play a bit of football once the Imps were out of sight. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

The problem about playing plan A and B at the same time is, well there’s no plan B. Not quite true as it happens and when it came it was a case of remember me? Yes, Tom Pett, for so long awaiting his chance in the wings and when he got it, played a delightful dink that wasn’t at all easy to put City on the road to the play offs. You could almost see the tension drift up to the stratosphere like the smoke announcing a new Pope.

The scene was all set with the now familiar packed bus, the massive queue for a pint at the Eagle, the cry of “no more real ale in the tent” just as we were almost smelling our beers. As it happens a nice cold lager was just the job, in fact we could have done with some more as the sizzling weather and stultifying play got us all hot under the collar. A few, more than a few glances at the smartphone as Mansfield were first losing and then tying their game. Surely City weren’t going to fall so late in the race?

No. It felt a mighty close run thing though and City are going to have to up their game if they’re to progress still further and on to Wembley but you know I just wonder if the Imps have left their nerves on the pitch and we’ll see a different City take on Exeter City next Saturday. I do hope so. I couldn’t take much more of that.

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