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Friday, 10 February 2012

City have an Iron in the fire as another game is called off.

Thinking back to last winters big freeze, Lincoln City were casting about for somewhere to practise, Villa was one club who came to city’s rescue offering the use of their indoor facility for training purposes. It’s easy to think, good for them, how the other half live. Then, last night listening to David Holdsworth on Imps player, he thanked Scunthorpe United for letting us play at their training complex. That came as something of a thunderbolt. Scunthorpe?

Looking back to City’s fairly recent past and that much derided championship whatever it was, 2010 or something initiative, where the aim was to give City the facilities to compete at that level and now of course here we are not only not in the championship but not even in the football league and Scunthorpe United graciously loan us their facilities. That statement is not in any way intended as sarcastic by the way, it was gracious of them but the point is they invested in facilities and really did play in the championship an achievement this correspondent would dearly love to emulate. Iron fans, so often the target of our over confident jibes are the big noise in Lincolnshire and as we beg scraps from their table they must have laughed their heads off when they heard that.

Rant over and another week goes by without a chance to see how our new signings will fit into the master plan devised by Mr Holdsworth to at least get Lincoln City back to some kind of respectability. Judging by the cold and the forecast Tuesday’s game must also be a doubt. If that is the case also of course many an Imp’s partner would have to do without her Valentines Day treat, there’s no end to the agony!

David Holdsworth was practically willing the postponement of the Hayes and Yeading game on the basis that it would avoid a six-thirty start in the morning and a battle through the Saturday traffic for the game down south. So much for grit and determination David. You should try being a fan! City’s players should not get it in their heads that the weather will deliver an unaccustomed day off though. Holdsworth confirmed that even though it’s not exactly business as usual the team will be working if not playing.

Holdsworth expanded upon the fragments we already knew on the situation at Sincil Bank when he arrived pronouncing the team more united now, that there were divisions that necessitated the departure of nine players, although of course most of that was as a result of the straitened financial circumstances:-

"You now only have to be in the dressing room for a couple of minutes before you start to see the mannerisms associated with a good dressing room," said the manager

"There is laughter, there is a lot of banter and there certainly seems to be good blend of youth and experience.

"We have got some very good characters in the dressing room now in Tyrone Thompson and certainly in Joe Anyon, who has been a big voice and that is what I want, they are enjoying it.

"Overall, the dressing room is a completely different place to when I first arrived.

"Players are arriving early before training doing weights and core stability work, relationships are forming and for a manager that's fantastic.

"Before it was very quiet, there were divisions in the dressing room and the previous manager didn't like some players, but liked others.

"That does happen, but it's the unhealthiest thing to happen to any dressing room.

"But I've been around long enough to know that if you have smelly cheese in your fridge you have to get rid of it."

There we have it then, the fridge is clear. When we fans will next be like the cat that got the cream is an entirely different matter.

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