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Friday, 10 February 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

It has been revealed that a policeman hurt at a siege incident in Sutton St James recently had in fact been shot in the face. The siege resulted in the death of Barry Horsepool, found dead in his property after an all day stand off. The officer was reported to have been slightly injured at the time but was found to have sustained a bullet wound upon examination in hospital, it has now been reported.

Agreement has been reached on managing the Humber Bridge debt which will mean tolls halving on the road to the North. Neighbouring local authorities have now decided how their share will be allocated after the government cleared approximately half of the substantial amount still owing provided councils chipped in. Patients travelling over the bridge to hospitals in Hull and East Yorkshire should be able to travel toll free.

A 39 year old from Stamford has completed an eating challenge by demolishing a nine pound fry up in just twenty six minutes. The challenge, popular in America, you may not be surprised to learn, was to consume the belly busting Kidz Breakfast at Jesters in Great Yarmouth in the shortest time. The snackette consisted of twelve rashers of bacon, twelve sausages and six eggs. Not surprisingly the concept has been criticised by heath do gooders anxious that such bad examples do not find their way across the Atlantic too often. Diner Robert Pinto told the BBC:-

"I've always been able to eat a large amount. The less fat you have on your body the more your stomach can expand.

"I've always made sure I stay fit and healthy. I'm not constantly going out and eating a large amount.”

Mr Pinto exercises regularly and has a thirty inch waist, at least he used to have.

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney has won an award for his campaign for more stringent treatment of uninsured drivers. McCartney is now Road Safety Parliamentarian of the month, an award granted by safety campaigners Brake and Direct Line. The charity points out that uninsured drivers are more likely to cause a crash than law abiding drivers.

Lincolnshire, like the rest of the country is in the grip of snowy and icy conditions, a constant source of amazement for many UK citizens who continue to drive as if it were August. As usual, the council and emergency services bear the brunt of the blame for the many accidents caused by unthinking and unprepared motorists. On Friday morning four schools were closed as a result of a few centimeters of snow. Nothing to do with the half term holiday starting on Monday by any chance?

Marc Jones, who serves on the board of Lincoln Business Improvement Group has suggested that a “kebab tax” should be levied on those businesses responsible for generating the most rubbish in the city, takeaways. The Tory councillor reckons the fast food joints should contribute £100 to £500 a month towards clean up costs. As usual the true perpetrators, the litterers themselves are not to be held to account.

Finally, Lincolnshire’s “food Oscars” took place at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Lincoln. More than 170 producers were at the ceremony to see Redhill Farm, Gainsborough win the producer of the year prize. My favourite sausage and pork pie purveyor, no surprise to me that one. Minting Farm Meats took the growers award, Village Limits, Woodhall Spa was best hotel. Proof, if it were needed that Lincolnshire is the home of food excellence. I even saw Lincoln described as a foodie destination on an architectural report last week. As always, keep it to yourself though.

Enjoy your food and enjoy your weekend, in Lincolnshire or wherever you are.

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