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Friday, 17 February 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

Councillors in North Hykeham are to discuss a proposed new road linking the end of the Lincoln Bypass with a new roundabout on Chapel Lane. The new road is very much in the embryonic stage but the idea is to alleviate the problems of heavy traffic and speeding, particularly on the outskirts of the town where many drivers seem to think they can go as fast as they like on Chapel Lane. North Hykeham’s old problem of identity is also to be addressed with proposed shops which are intended to give the impression of a community rather than a large suburb bolted on to Lincoln. Assuming the town council approve it then goes to North Kesteven District Council. Although the idea is that private money will be sought for the construction it is expected to be ten years before construction would commence.

Work has now started on another city centre hotel, the £6.5 million Premier Inn which is on the site of a former pub and filling station on Broadgate. The hotel will have 130 bedrooms and is expected to open this autumn. The hotel will use the adjoining multi-storey car park as there will be no direct parking on site.

Staying in Lincoln, quite literally, a prisoner has been coaxed down from the roof of Lincoln Prison where he had taken up a perch in a roof gantry. The lag, in an area reserved for unconvicted prisoners eventually came down of his own accord. Probably shepherds pie on the menu that day.

Boston and Skegness MP Mark Simmonds has hailed government plans to forbid cash being paid for scrap metal purchases. Home Secretary Theresa May has announced plans to bring forward a new bill to make it a criminal offence to pay cash for scrap, forcing dealers to keep better records of who they buy from. The Lincolnshire MP said: "People across Boston and Skegness are appalled by metal thieves and the criminals who deal in stolen metal.

"We need to protect business, the public and our national heritage from metal theft and that's why I am pleased to back the Government's action.

"It's right that the Government is stopping cash payments and introducing tough penalties to clamp down on the illegal metal trade."

Lincolnshire Police expect to sign a contract this week for a new custody suite as part of the ten year deal with G4S. The site of the suite is unknown and representatives of the boys in blue are tentative about the new arrangement, the Police Federation expressed doubts that the private sector would approach the task with the same sense of duty that regular police staff would but Barry Young, chairman of the Police Authority said:-

"They [G4S] are bringing to the table not only their expertise and new ideas but also some investment which we simply could not make ourselves,"

"That's precisely why we've entered into this strategic partnership with G4S.

"Our strategic partnership, certainly, is the first of its kind in the country and there is no doubt whatsoever that G4S hope that by having a showcase here they will get further business.

Faldingworth residents are up in arms about noise levels following controlled explosions at a nearby test site. Faldingworth Defence is a former RAF location now used to test fireworks and weapons and for storage. Resident David Humpage said they were being deprived of peace and quiet but a spokesman for West Lindsey District Council stated that “a detailed investigation had been carried out and the activities at the site do not constitute a statutory noise nuisance and as such no legal action can be taken against the site.” Locals are threatening to with hold council tax a move that has been understandably described as unlawful by the council:-

"full recovery action will be taken against anyone who fails to pay”

You have been warned!

That’s it for another week in Lincolnshire, hope your weekend goes with a bang wherever you are.

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