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Monday, 19 March 2012

The Emperor fiddles while Rome burns.

Last week, considering something for the blog, like a lot of writers I had been mulling over some ideas to put in writing when I had the time. You won’t be surprised to hear it was to be another diatribe on the pain and futility of being an Imps fan and that’s what I intended when I sat down to write it.

Searching for inspiration I logged on to Imps Player and listened to Su Whittaker of BBC Lincolnshire talking to David Holdsworth. It was such a good interview I wrote about that, in fact it was almost a transcript of Holdsworth, word for word. I thought, surely, despite the fact it’s how most of us feel readers are tired of reading the same old complaints, lack of a settled team, poor or at least ineffectual tactics, lack of wins or indeed points at the moment.

David Holdsworth is a persuasive and convincing speaker, he exudes humility and confidence, one can easily imagine that the board of directors, even now, could believe Holdsworth is the man to lead to better things; it’s only a matter of time before the teams fortunes improve. Chopping and changing managers is generally not a recipe for steady improvement, you only have to look at Chelsea to see that. Similarly though, sticking with a manager who talks a good game but is not delivering the goods is not a recipe for survival either. A board surely will want to see the green shoots of recovery, to quote a much used phrase. Can they? We fans do not have the day to day communication that those in charge do but is there anything in City’s recent form to suggest there is any light at the end of the tunnel? Three defeats on the trot, eight games since the last win, three points from the last seven games, one win in fourteen games. How much more do we want? How much more can we take?

There are those yet who plead for time, including our esteemed Lincoln City reporter with the Lincolnshire Echo, Leigh Curtis but for this fan time has run out. City are in a downward spiral of defeat, dropping attendances and it does not even look as if the team, Holdsworths team largely, is playing for him.

On the day that Gary Simpson was sacked by Macclesfield Town it’s worth considering that there are decent capable managers out there who, presumably, would rather work than not and might well be prepared to come and work with what City have, try to get the best out the players, find the right team and stick with it. Even on a short term basis. If they’re successful well that’s the interview done. David Holsworth’s solution? We are trying to sign Jude Sterling.

That’s enough for me. I scan twitter and the net for some news. By the look of it so do you.

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