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Friday, 9 January 2015

Exciting times could be ahead for Imps.

I do hope you all buy your weekly copy of the Lincolnshire Echo. Despite the plethora of information online and the many interesting blogs to read (ahem) the Echo remains, for me, the definitive digest of information and stories about Lincoln City.

Today, online we read an extremely insightful article on Chris Moyses’ methods and his philosophy to training and man management. Reading this it’s not surprising the team are doing well and it’s no surprise Moyses is a successful businessman. I pray if success comes, and I’m increasingly hopeful it will, he sticks around so that we can all enjoy it.

Those of us of mature years will no doubt recall the joy of achieving promotion under Graham Taylor after many years of dross, only to have our manager poached from under our noses by Elton John although it did result in somewhat better times for a while.
Those times are long gone and we now languish even lower in the football hierarchy than pre Taylor. I only hope if success does come our way that Chris Moyses position at the club, being a member of the board of directors, may mean that he is more inclined to see where his talents can take him with Lincoln City.

Moyses did say if he is not successful then he will leave the club and disassociate himself with the board. I hope firstly he is not put in that position but if he is that the board and indeed the fans will recognise the tremendous uplift in spirits he has brought about already and persuade him to stay in some capacity.

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