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Monday, 12 January 2015

Infamy infamy.

I suppose if Chris Moyses had won Manager of the Month we could have blamed that for City’s catastrophic result at Eastleigh. Maybe it was the curse of the fire that prevented the original clash taking place.

Either way it’s a reality check for all of us that the run in to the end of the season won’t be easy and certainly not if the Imps play much of the game with ten men which has been a depressingly regular occurrence this season.

Add to the red card the fact that City had no less than three penalties awarded against them (is this a record?) all of which were missed (ok then, is this a record?) you could surmise that the Imps had the Gods against them or certainly the referee. Whether they did or not I couldn’t tell you as I wasn’t there. That was one decision I got right by the sound of it.

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