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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ooh you are awful – but I like you.

Well they say it’s the mark of a good team, they play badly and still win the game. City found themselves pinned into their own penalty area yesterday at Sincil Bank by a determined but ultimately unsuccessful Aldershot who I’m sure couldn’t believe they got nothing out of this game.

Corner after corner rained in on the Imps all of which were repulsed either by good defending or the opponent’s ineptitude, I couldn’t decide which but Aldershot must have been rocked by Charlee Adams wonder strike which set City on their way. This player seems to have some kind of force field around him which appears to give him all the time in the world, the mark of a good player and we should all be enjoying his performances while they last because he is far too good for this level. It’s tempting to say his piledriver was a once in a lifetime strike were it not for the fact that he scored a very similar one at Grimsby.

Add to Adams’ goal a cheeky dink from Ben Tomlinson latching on to a disastrous back pass header and City went into the break two up with the crowd wondering how it happened. City scored again after the break courtesy of Arnaud Mendy and that wrapped things up for the home side who then went on to dominate but strangely couldn’t add to their goal tally but they didn’t concede either which will have pleased the management as much as it pleased their supporters. It’s not often we can sit back and enjoy a carefree second half but we did and once again City delivered at home and it’s no wonder crowds are creeping up as more and more fans rediscover the pleasure of supporting their home team.

A crowd of 3000+ was in no small measure due to another club initiative to get more children to begin a lifetime of support for the Imps and after this display, slightly fortuitous as it may be after the start City made, one can only hope that the fledgling fans will be badgering their Dads to take them to another home game soon and Sincil Bank can once again become a rather fuller venue than it has been latterly.

I’m not going to knock Gary Simpson, I don’t think he was a million miles from success but this new manager is conjuring up what we all want to see at home, attacking football and to do that you’ve got to play without fear of losing, it was that fear that dogged Simpson, in the end he seemed an isolated figure, bawling at his players and suffering every kind of anguish in the technical area. There’s none of that now as City strut their stuff at Sincil Bank with a joie de vivre that rubs off on the fans all topped off with a constructive interview on the radio afterwards, David Preece this time produced a well reasoned appraisal of this latest success laced with a good dollop of enthusiasm for the game. Happy Days indeed.

If you’re reading this blog and you still haven’t ventured down to Sincil Bank to see for yourself I’d urge you to get an early bird ticket for the next home fixture and come and join an increasingly hopeful band of contented Imps as we see whether City can add yet another home victory to their tally.

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