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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Defender Wood not like to be upfront-but anywhere else is ok.

Yesterday I highlighted one of our new players. Bradley Wood in the blog. In reality Wood highlighted himself with an unaccustomed appearance in midfield but he’s been a revelation too in his usual defence berth and fans will have surely have noticed his solid displays, I certainly have.
Unfortunately Wood and everyone else for that matter is presently living in the shadow of Matt Rhead who has been a sensation but that’s good for us fans as we savour the new players gelling and putting in exciting performances which now seem to be producing points and wins so long may that continue.

Of course it doesn’t take long for our fearless sports newshounds, the Lincolnshire Echo to get in on the action and in todays webpage an article which I wouldn’t mind betting will find its way into Thursdays paper edition. Wood emphasised what I was saying yesterday about Torquays resilience, although he was slightly less polite:

"They came with a game plan to stop any football , anything going to Matt Rhead and to be ugly," said Wood.
"In the first 20 minutes they did it. So we became a bit cuter going down the sides and started hitting it to Rhead at chest height and putting some good balls in to him.
"As soon as we got the first we got a quick second and they crumbled."
"The second half was about game management. We could have gone on and scored a few more, but we were happy to get the clean sheet and win 2-0," said Wood.
"It's credit to the lads how they stuck at it and dug in. We didn't go a goal behind, which a month ago might have happened. If that had happened we'd have had a tough fight on our hands to get hold of a result.
"The back four and the goalkeeper deserve credit for keeping it clean at the back and that gives us the platform to score the goal and we never turned back."

Wood told the Echo he's happy to play in midfield, having done it at Alfreton, just don't ask him to try his hand at striker. At the moment though there isn't a vacancy in that department.

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