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Monday, 1 February 2016

Muldoon puts aside sorrow to inspire City to a win at last.

Lincoln City finally recorded a win on Saturday as they saw off the challenge of Guiseley. That challenge was some time in coming as it seemed to me they had come to Lincoln principally to avoid defeat. All that had to change after City scored with Chris Bush nodding in a Greg Tempest corner. It’s perhaps a testament to the nature of the game that Bush told the press afterwards he didn’t realise he’d scored and was busy moaning at the referee asking for a free kick. Good job his wish wasn’t granted.

Chris Moyses surprised, if that’s the word, fans and press alike by playing no recognised strikers from the start although Robinson and the so far unseen, by me at least, Mc Daid were on the bench. The much anticipated return of Jamie McCombe meant there was no place for Waterfall in the starting eleven and Howe wasn’t even on the bench.

Bush was given the sponsors man of the match award although I could think of a couple of others I might have picked in front of him. There was very grudging acknowledgement of the win as far as the manager was concerned on the radio after the game but goodness only knows what the reaction to the team selection would have been had City lost. Moyses showed if nothing else he’s got guts and of course they didn’t lose. In fact if you’d watched that game again knowing the Imps were to hold on for the win I suspect you might see the game in a wholly different light with City giving their visitors a proper battering at one stage but failing to add to their score. Had they done so I suspect they might have produced an easier win than they did but they’re human beings as John Beck used to say and display human emotions, principally fear judging by the performance.

Having shrugged off their negativity of the first half Guiseley to their credit did give City a thorough examination towards the end. Bush got the plaudits but I think McCombes display gave City an assurance they were previously lacking, I’m really pleased to have him back. City’s most improved player, Jack Muldoon put the death of his father out of his mind and, captain for the day, gave a rip roaring performance in the lone role up front. Elsewhere I really liked the look of loanee James Caton who was a real crackerjack and so nearly capped his game with a spectacular effort which crashed off the woodwork. If that had gone in I’d still be cheering now.

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