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Sunday, 10 April 2016

City in the shop window.

I suppose the interesting thing about yesterday’s game was to put yourself in the shoes of any watching prospective managers given the fact that the match did not affect the relegation situation or, mores the pity promotion. That’s provided you’re a Lincoln City fan of course. Chester have a nervous eye on the scrap at the bottom and the result did not do them any favours. Chester probably regard themselves as a little hard done by having hauled themselves back into the game but found themselves a man short when Hannah limped off, the team having used all their substitutes and had to see out the remainder of the game with ten men. City got their winner during that period.

City of course have been on a far from brilliant spell themselves lately although I didn’t really see any signs of dejection, a feature, I think of the Moyses tenure, he certainly seems to have given the players belief. So any onlooking prospective occupier of the hotseat did not survey the usual rag bag collection of underperforming players when a managerial change is called for although many will say for the quality of squad City have underperformed.

Chris Moyses has said that the Imps are more or less the finished article, a few minor adjustments here and there and away we go. I don’t know about that but with the prospect of a bit of money in the bank and a decent collection of talent things could be a whole lot worse for the incoming man. As to who took the eye, I’m not too bad at identifying the eventual winner of the man of the match award normally but I struggled to find anyone who had been outstanding. One player I was mightily impressed with though was Matt Rhead. He played too much of a cameo role to be considered for man of the match but I thought he threw himself into the match and really put himself about with no hint of a sulk having found himself on the bench. I liked that very much.

It’s tempting to say City have resolved their defensive woes, they certainly have some decent defenders but, once again we saw those frailties at the back so work to do there for sure. It didn’t help that McCombe was out of course. Plenty to admire though, City do have some stylish performers so just a case of a bit of polish and iron out those clangers? If only life was that simple.

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