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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sour grapes as City harvest the fruits of the Forest.

A fellow blogger suggested in the week that the days of Matt Rhead starting every game for City were numbered and was taken to task by a reader for suggesting such a thing. Last night Rhead started on the bench. I’d suspect this was partly psychology on Danny Cowleys part as Forest Green Rovers or their manager have it in their heads that the Imps are a one dimensional lump it up team. They’d know as by all accounts that’s all they did last night.

More importantly it was an awful night in Gloucestershire yesterday and it suited City’s game plan to introduce Rhead at half time so a plan B there Mr Cooper. As befits a manager with his head on the block Cooper declared City had no real chances at all. Well they had one and they took it and that’s what gaining three points in a smash and grab raid on a dreadful night is all about. City are now fifth and FGR are in the relegation zone.

Danny Cowley said before the game City must beware as FGR are a wounded animal. Only time will tell whether they are capable of recovery or fatally wounded. After last night despite all their managers words of bravado and some very suspect comments from Rovers’ Scott Laird FGR look not so much wounded animal as lame ducks.

We await developments with interest, after all FGR’s chairman’s avowed intention is to be playing in the Championship in five years. Not looking very likely so far is it?

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