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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

That sinking feeling.

I was having a word with someone at the office about matters Sincil Bank and even when I was saying it I realised my words could be construed as insensitive, arrogant even. I was musing on the fact that City were playing in front of the biggest crowds in the league on top of record season ticket sales and a magnificent cup run yet still weren’t able, seemingly to compete with the big hitters financially in the league. This to a Boston United supporter. I really should be more mindful of fellow football fans feelings.

So when I say trying to listen to match commentary this season isn’t it as easy as it was last given that you have to listen on an actual radio now and we only have one, on the bedside table, either that or out in the car and I certainly didn’t fancy that. I can well imagine that would go down like a lead balloon with those of you who actually went to Colchester and saw for themselves City’s capitulation last night. Even Danny Cowley sounded fed up and it’s not often you hear him criticise the players but he did and they should certainly sit up and take notice of that.

Cowley did say he could take defeat, just about which I’d guess is no different to the rest of us but it comes on the back of a home loss, a rarity admittedly, where City had performed reasonably well but were left pointless. I think Cowley thought last night was very much a missed opportunity and his attitude to missed opportunities is do I not like that?

It’s two losses in an otherwise satisfactory season but I don’t like being fed up with City and I don’t like to hear the manager say he’s fed up either.

The Imps have the opportunity to put us all in good spirits next Saturday which is another home game and furthermore I’m unable to go. If that’s not a recipe for a rip roaring performance and a goal fest I don’t know what is.

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