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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Wembley the prize.

I must confess it’s never really bothered me, not getting to Wembley. Typically for the Imps we would have played there twice but didn’t as it was shut. That seems to sum us up.

Tonight though City have an opportunity to put that to rights as the Imps take on Chelsea’s youngsters in the Checkatrade Trophy. Win and we’re there. It will be no easy task of course as we will be playing one of the best young teams certainly in the country, maybe in Europe.

It will be interesting to see where these young players are in five years’ time though. Will any of them be playing in the Premier League? I suppose by the law of averages yes but it’s by no means certain.

City have two advantages over their opponents. Danny and Nicky Cowley and us, the supporters. For all the talk of boycotts City have played in front of decent attendances in this competition. The gate in the quarter finals was not far short of the league average and tonight should be full or nearly full. There should be very few away fans and for what it’s worth the eyes of the lower leagues not to mention the FA will be upon us. There will be very few hoping for a Chelsea win.

Chelsea’s youngsters will be exposed to the full volume of our support. They will not have experienced a team that play like we do. They will be well outside their comfort zone. City on the other hand will be wrapped in our warm embrace and propelled by our noise.

If I’m making it sound easy it won’t be. On ability alone Chelsea will win but as has been shown these last two seasons ability is only part of the story and of course impossible is just an opinion.

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