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Friday, 4 May 2018

One game shoot out to extend the season.

Around this time last season we were hoping to be able to enjoy league football for the following campaign. If you look at it along those lines for next season we all have nothing to lose. It’s either league two or league one. It hasn’t been a season of struggle in fact it’s been largely untroubled after those first few weeks when City had to get used to the standard they had to reach. They did that quite easily.

Tomorrow will be tense I’d imagine but not that tense. I find with the atmosphere generated there is excitement, encouragement and a high degree of noise. Those old days when the crowds fear is felt by the players are, in my view, a thing of the past. Every crowd likes to think of itself as its clubs twelfth man. Few are but we are one of them. A few wins over the last couple of seasons are directly attributable to us, a tired and uninspiring performance turned on its head by the fans to drag the team over the line.

In all honesty I’m not expecting that scenario tomorrow. City will be fit, reinvigorated, purposeful and motivated. They want the playoffs, we want the playoffs, Danny wants the playoffs. Usually what Danny wants Danny gets and I’m very confident the team will deliver tomorrow. If they don’t, what’s the worst that can happen? Another season in league two. Boo hoo.

I’m bringing along my very good friend the Boston United supporter tomorrow. I’m hoping we serve up for him a real treat, a world away from the football experience he has at York Street. I say that not out of swank but I’d like him to see what truly blessed football supporters we are. What a thrill it is to be at a game where the supporters support, loudly, unconditionally and from the first whistle, before that in fact. Where it’s an occasion every game, unmissable.

I just know you, my fellow fans will deliver, I hope our team will deliver, we know they will be giving it their all. It’s going to be a great day, I just know, this is our time, I’m convinced of that.

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