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Friday, 4 December 2015

The life and times of an Imp.

It’s certainly true that when things aren’t going well there’s usually a big queue of bad news at the door waiting to get in but is the reverse the case?

How many times have we seen a successful team come to Sincil Bank, play terribly and return home with all the points due to some misfortune or other. However there was one game I remember against Swansea, how we’d like to be battling it out against them, Swansea were fighting to avoid the drop out of the league and had been battering us but couldn’t score. At ninety minutes plus a few for injury time City won the game when the ball went in off someone’s backside.

Well City are themselves enjoying one of those all too rare seasons of relative success, not counting last weeks blip and I turn my twitterfeed on to read not only have the club been negotiating for a considerable time with a substantial investor and are 99.9% sure the investment will come to fruition but have also come to an arrangement with the Coop Bank so that the threat of immediate foreclosure has receded.

Bob Dorrian was conciliatory in his remarks about the bank, rather more than I could have managed I must say:

"I think the Co-op Bank have been quite good about it in the end and done what they can to help us.

"All in all, it's a good solution for both parties."

Well I’ll take Bobs word for it but the fact remains, if you read the article on the Echo’s website the Imps are now committed to repay £25000 off the debt per year until the debt and interest are paid off. Money that the club can barely afford and, presumably this will place City at even more of a disadvantage when compared to the moneybags outfits in our league. I wonder if Mrs A would mind if I did my bit by buying a few more shares?

On balance though I'm sure we should treat this as good news as we await details, if they are forthcoming, of the mystery investor. I suppose it’s too much to hope that someone from the area has won the euromillions?

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